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Electronic Press Kits

Craft compelling EPKs to amplify your media presence

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VVC Live will help create an effective, compelling EPK to help the media develop stories about your announcement. Our EPKs are packaged as shareable digital assets in a deck or PDF that reflect your brand look and feel and contain everything the media needs to prepare for your VVC Live livestream.

What’s included in my VVC Live electronic press kit?

Attracting the media to cover your story isn’t always easy. It requires extensive preplanning, consistent outreach, and follow-up. An excellent starting point for generating publicity and arranging press conferences is offering relevant digital collateral packaged in an electronic press kit (EPK).

Company Background

A brief summary summary of who you are, what you do, and other essential information that introduces you to the press

Broadcast-Ready Media Assets

High-resolution logos, relevant photographs, and updated headshots of key leaders or celebrity spokespersons

Feed of Events

Share news and digital assets that media outlets can use to showcase your campaigns and create more coverage

Announcement Details

Details about what you will be speaking about and what makes your announcement newsworthy

Stakeholder Relations

Share stakeholder information in a centralized manner with media interviews, photos, and key details

Contact Information

Key contact information for press inquiries, including name, title, phone, email, and other information
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Compelling electronic press kits made easy

VVC Live EPKs are easily updated and shareable at a moment’s notice. We understand what journalists need to accurately cover your story, and help create properly-formatted content that will allow you to develop stronger relationships with the media that will make future media pitches easier.
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Webcast experience you can trust

Live broadcasting looked a lot different when VVC Live first started helping clients take their real-time events to mass audiences in 1975. However, by adapting to the changing market, embracing new technology, and investing in our people, our company continues to make live broadcasting easy by handling the entire production for you while helping expand your reach globally, no matter how your audience accesses their information.

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What are the benefits of using an EPK?

EPKs provide accessibility, efficiency, accuracy, multimedia capabilities, and versatility, making them a valuable tool for promoting individuals, organizations, or events in the media.

What is the purpose of an EPK?

An EPK serves as a one-stop resource, containing press materials, images, videos, and more, for media professionals and stakeholders to access accurate information easily.

What is the origin of Electronic Press Kits (EPKs)?

EPKs trace back to the 1970s when Burke Van Valkenburg Sr. pioneered the concept. He provided voice clips of political party leaders to local radio stations during election campaigns, which were paid for by the parties to secure “free media coverage.” This laid the foundation for modern EPKs.

Are Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) still considered relevant?

Yes, Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) remain highly relevant in the digital era. They provide a convenient and organized way to distribute essential materials to media professionals and stakeholders, making it easier to garner media coverage and promote individuals, organizations, or events effectively.

How does a press kit differ from an Electronic Press Kit (EPK)?

A traditional press kit is a physical package containing printed materials, while an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is a digital version of the same materials, typically available online. EPKs offer the convenience of digital access, making it easier for media professionals and stakeholders to access and share information.

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