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VVC Live has provided all levels of government with reliable, fully managed broadcasting for decades. Our livestream portal helps government officials and their teams reach people no matter where they access real-time information. With the VVC Live portal, government officials can experience a smooth streaming experience that helps them look and sound their best under any circumstances.

Press Conferences

When breaking news hits, government leaders must react quickly to deliver vital messaging, news, and announcements to the public. Virtual and hybrid press conferences are essential vehicles for governments to promptly inform the public about timely issues.

Our team can create a professional-quality webcast setup, complete with an interactive hybrid Q&A session, at your home, office, hotel, or any other indoor or outdoor location. Give us a call today to make it happen.

Public health alerts

Changes in government

New policy announcements

Natural disaster updates

Addressing controversial topics

Election announcements

Funding announcements

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Important government ceremonies are broadcast live to keep the public engaged and informed on current events. Our VVC Live platform helps government officials at all levels stream noteworthy events, including:

Welcoming ceremonies for heads of state, dignitaries, or royalty

Opening of Parliament or the Legislature, throne speeches, swearing-in ceremonies, and state funerals

Canada Day, Remembrance Day, and other commemorative events

Award ceremonies

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About the VVC Live Platform

Our fully managed webcasting portal solution provides efficient backend operation and an easy-to-use user interface that ensures an optimal live viewing experience for your audience. The VVC Live platform delivers optimal visual and audio quality on desktop, mobile, and social media, with built-in interactive features seamlessly managed by the VVC Live team.

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Our Platform Features

The VVC Live platform is robust enough to handle unlimited viewers, allowing your message to reach unprecedented audience sizes without affecting the quality of your live webcast.

High and Low bandwidth stream

Reliable interactive features for maximum audience engagement

Crisp, clear, high-quality audio

Fully branded interface with your company logo and colours

Integrated presentation slides where required

Moderated Q&A sessions through the portal

Options include secure password protection, a registration page, questions, polling and online voting, and analytics


Complete coverage of every webcast detail


Your Event

You’ll receive a customized profile page listing your upcoming events. Secure registration and password protection features are available

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Your Event

Your webcast will run on two separate streams with a backup portal. Users can also quickly contact our technical support team to resolve any issues in real time


Your Event

VVC will provide you with a detailed viewer analytics report. Your event will be available to view for at least three months after the webcast

Webcast experience you can trust

Live broadcasting looked a lot different when VVC Live first started helping clients take their real-time events to mass audiences in 1975. However, by adapting to the changing market, embracing new technology, and investing in our people, our company continues to make live broadcasting easy by handling the entire production for you while helping expand your reach globally, no matter how your audience accesses their information.

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