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Audio Visual Productions

No-stress AV productions that make a positive impact on your audience

Audio Visual Live Streaming Event Staging

Our skilled and experienced technicians specialize in providing crisp, clear audio and video technology that helps you sound and look your best, building trust, cementing authority, and helping you achieve your event goals. We’ll take care of all the technical details so you can focus on delivering your content and engaging with your audience.

Sound solutions for amazing audio

VVC Live technicians ensure your voice is clearly heard and understood to a live audience or through external media. Whether you need only one wired microphone or multiple channels of wireless mics and audio from a variety of sources, we’ll help provide an exceptional listening experience for your event attendees.
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Crisp video for stunning visuals

The VVC Live team has technical expertise in everything from simple PowerPoint presentations to full HD three-camera switched live events. We’ll bring all of the right visual elements together from a wide range of options available on demand:

Projectors for large rooms

High-definition and video/data switchers

High-definition LCD monitors

On-site technicians

Other visual tools and equipment as needed

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Comprehensive site surveys for the best audio-visual solutions

Our process starts with our senior team conducting an extensive site survey to determine the appropriate audio system, speaker placement, and video equipment for your space. Doing our homework ensures you get crystal-clear audio at comfortable volumes without the risk of feedback and video that always shows you at your best.

Upgrade your audio-visual solution to include professional lighting that will help build authority and attract viewership. Our lighting team can add virtually any type of light you need, from one stationary light to moving lights and flashing colours that add glitz to your event.

Upgrade Your AV Solution
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Fully managed livestreaming and webcast solutions

If you’re livestreaming your event, your priority should be developing your content, not the complex technical aspects of running a successful broadcast. The VVC Live video production team has the knowledge, experience, and technology to cover every technical detail throughout the planning, livestream, and post-event phases. Our VVC Live webcast portal is designed to provide efficient backend operation and an easy-to-use user interface that ensures an optimal live viewing experience for your audience.When you’re broadcasting live, leave nothing to chance. Engage VVC Live for a trusted partner in live streaming and webcasting solutions.

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AV experience you can trust

Live broadcasting looked a lot different when VVC Live first started helping clients take their real-time events to mass audiences in 1975. However, by adapting to the changing market, embracing new technology, and investing in our people, our company continues to make live broadcasting easy by handling the entire production for you while helping expand your reach globally, no matter how your audience accesses their information.

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Have a question?

What measures do you take to ensure AV equipment reliability and quality?

We use professional equipment and conduct thorough testing and maintenance to ensure reliability and the highest quality for your AV productions.

Do you provide on-site AV technicians for events?

Yes, we provide skilled technicians to manage AV equipment and ensure everything runs smoothly during your event.

How do you tailor AV solutions to different types of events?

We work closely with clients to understand their vision and objectives, allowing us to customize AV solutions that align with the event’s goals.

Can you handle large-scale AV productions for events like conferences and fundraisers?

Yes, our team is experienced in managing AV productions for large-scale events, ensuring high-quality audiovisual experiences for all attendees.

What services are included in your audio visual production offerings?

Our AV production services encompass sound, lighting, video projection, and staging, tailored to meet the unique needs of each event.

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