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Why Virtual Events Should Mix Live & Pre-recorded Video

  • Advantages of hosting a completely live virtual event
  • Why hosting a pre-recorded event might be right for you
  • Mixing live and pre-recorded content in your virtual event
  • Partner with the right livestream production team

As hybrid offices become more commonplace, advanced streaming and production technology allows companies to host engaging, exciting virtual events that employees can fully participate in, even if they’re halfway around the globe.

One of our customers’ most frequently asked questions is whether they should hold a fully live event or broadcast pre-recorded video in lieu of broadcasting live. There are advantages to both options, but innovations in streaming tools enable companies to host a third option: a mix of live and pre-recorded content within the same event.

Let’s look at the unique benefits each of the three options offers so you can make an informed choice for your next event.

Advantages of hosting a completely live virtual event

Let’s face it – live events are exciting to host and watch! There’s an undeniable energy present when hosts and speakers see the “red light” go on before they begin to deliver their message. The thrill of being on stage with no retakes is exhilarating – and the electric feeling is often transferred to the viewing audience.

Here are some of the advantages of hosting a completely live event:

  • It can be hosted from anywhere and instantly switched to a different location
  • Few travel requirements for hosts, speakers, and panel guests
  • The audience has the opportunity to engage and interact with the event participants and features such as polls and Q&A sessions
  • It allows for more spontaneity, especially when last-minute changes or additions are needed

Running a completely live event can be challenging at times, but partnering with a professional livestream production team can take all the technical concerns away from you, making the overall experience easier for your team.

Why hosting a pre-recorded event might be right for you

If running a live virtual event is logistically tricky, broadcasting pre-recorded content might be a better option. You can incorporate a live audience in the taping so things don’t feel so “canned”. You’ll also have better control of the final product than doing it live.

Some of the advantages of using solely pre-recorded content in your event include:

  • You can have multiple takes until everything is to your liking
  • The audience can view it in their own time
  • Allows speakers with scheduling conflicts to participate
  • Seamlessly blends into a virtual or content background

Of course, there is a lot of studio time and post-production work involved in pre-recording content and the risk of your messaging being outdated by the time it airs. However, for many companies, these factors are negated by the conveniences offered by this format.

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Mixing live and pre-recorded content in your virtual event

Both live and pre-recorded virtual events offer unique advantages that contribute to your ability to host an unforgettable event experience. However, you can create an even more dynamic event by combining live and pre-recorded content that helps add variety to your itinerary. It also allows you to showcase speakers, roundtables, and other sessions that prove logistically difficult to present in real time or too cumbersome to record ahead of time.

These mixed types of events offer the same advantages as real-time and pre-recorded content, as well as several distinct benefits, such as:

  • Provides a break for hosts and speakers
  • It makes the overall event easier to produce and stream
  • Balances pre-recorded presentations and round table discussions with live elements such as breakout, networking, and fun interactive sessions
  • It makes your event more dynamic and memorable
  • Allows you to gauge interest in both the live and recorded elements of your event, helping you improve the attendee experience for the future

Offering both types of content allows you to merge the excitement of a live event with content that features amazing post-production graphics, special effects, music, and much more. Get creative with different combinations for your next event!

Partner with the right livestream production team

Whether you’re planning a completely live event, pre-recorded sessions, or a mix of both, having the right technical professionals working with you behind the scenes is critical to making the overall production a lot easier on your team.

Your dedicated VVC Live production crew has all the technology you need for every type of online event. Whether you’re planning a conference, AGM, town hall, or any other livestream, we’ll take care of the production needs so you can simply focus on delivering your message and enjoying your event.

Experience our streaming solution to discover how our cutting-edge technology will elevate your next livestream. Contact us today for a free demonstration!