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Improve Employee Engagement & Retention with Hybrid Events

With much of the skilled workforce continuing to work from home – and in many cases staying there permanently – there’s a growing concern among business leaders about keeping their best remote employees happy, engaged, and retained.

The current economic environment has created a competitive market for valuable employees. Thus, it’s become particularly important to ensure that remote employees feel connected to the company and not at a disadvantage to employees who physically work in the office.

We all know retaining employees is much more cost-effective than hiring and training new recruits. It may be challenging to increase pay, but are there ways to enhance engagement to keep employees motivated?

With hybrid livestreaming, you have several options to improve remote workers’ morale, engagement, and productivity, increasing their chances of staying with your company.

How livestreams can help improve employee retention

Many livestream platforms have built-in tools that will help collect data to help you re-engage employees to keep them happy and motivated. The data is scalable and detailed enough to discover what events and experiences will help them feel more included and valued at your company.

Some of the valuable livestream metrics that can help you reach your retention goals include:

Event and session attendance rates

These metrics will show who attended your event and, on many platforms, you can also view individual attendance rates for Q&A sessions, networking sessions, breakout sessions, interactive games, and roundtables. This information will help you identify which employees may be showing signs of disengagement.

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Attendee attendance rates

Modern platforms allow you to check data on your event’s average live attendance rate right down to the second. Most platforms will also provide information on which employees stayed the longest and who left the event early.

Employee feedback questionnaires

Distributing post-event feedback questionnaires – can glean insights from the honest feedback of your employees. These metrics will enable you to make changes to improve attendance and engagement at your next event. Perhaps best of all, making reasonable changes will demonstrate that you are listening to your workforce.

Social media activity

Be sure to collect data on what elements of your event your employees are posting on social media. You can also analyze likes, shares, comments, mentions, tags, and which hashtags are being used. These insights will also give you a sense of how people outside your company view your organization and which areas of your social media marketing need enhanced focus.

With these metrics in hand, you can also look into why some employees are less engaged than others and take steps to resolve the situation. The data isn’t meant for invasive micromanaging of the employees, which can destroy trust, but as tools to improve the employee experience overall. For example, you can look for correlations in the data by department, duties, or pay grade to help identify trends that may affect employee retention.

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Hybrid events designed to boost employee engagement

Virtual and hybrid livestream events don’t always have to be solely about business. They allow you to bring all your workers together in a hybrid environment to promote more frequent and spontaneous interactions with colleagues during breakout and networking sessions. These communications will help drive organizational performance and innovation, which are vital to your company’s long-term health.

Here are some event ideas that will help you achieve more optimal inclusivity among your workforce:

Town halls

Hybrid town halls give employees a glimpse into how your company is doing and where you envision it’s headed. However, you can spice things up by augmenting the “state of the union” address with fun activities, breakout sessions, and networking sessions to elevate the experience and improve employee attendance and engagement rates.

Award ceremonies

Celebrate employee milestones and significant achievements with a hybrid award ceremony. This event will not only allow you to reward success but also motivate employees to reach the podium next year. You can also feature recorded messages of congratulations from clients, customers, and partners or, in real-time through on-screen text.

Holiday parties

End-of-the-year holiday celebrations give your company the perfect opportunity to look back at the success over the previous 12 months and create a positive outlook for the year ahead. Offer an event to remember by keeping the business element to a minimum and focusing on fun.

Employee-centered touchpoints

Create an event that’s all about your employees. Frequent touchpoints can help boost morale by allowing your people to provide feedback. Moderators can manage incoming questions and concerns from remote employees while you provide live answers or collect questions before the event so you can prepare. You can also feature breakout sessions for teams to solve problems and present their solutions to the whole group.

Hosting a hybrid event opens your company to meaningful, cost-effective opportunities to build deeper connections with your employees. Hiring a professional livestream production team will make the experience easier for your team and more enjoyable for your audience, creating a better experience for everyone involved.

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Partner with the right Livestream production team

Whether you’re planning a live in-person, virtual, or hybrid event for your company to boost retention rates and improve the employee experience, having the right technical professionals working with you behind the scenes is critical to making the overall production much easier for your team.

Your dedicated VVC Live production crew has all the technology you need for every type of online event. We’ll take care of the production needs for your company livestream to keep your workforce engaged, appreciated, and productive.

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Also, your physical space should provide flat access (no stairs) and accessibility ramps for people with mobility issues.

Many of your virtual or hybrid event attendees – whether they require them or not – will expect to have accessibility options available for a wholly inclusive, barrier-free experience for all.

However, installing and managing the required accessibility technology adds another layer of complexity to running a successful virtual or hybrid event. However, with a professional livestream production team on your side, pulling all the different pieces together is easy.