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Canadian Club of Toronto

Long-Term Relationships

For over forty years VVC has been proud to provide audio visual support to the Canadian Club of Toronto each season for their series of high-profile Speaker events

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The Canadian Club of Toronto

  • VVC provides sound, lighting and technical support for multiple  events each season
  • We work with Speakers to provide custom audio visual solutions
  • Live webcasting, video, and audio recordings
  • Consult on technical and staging requirements for each event
  • Ensure the smooth integration of the working Media
  • Manage and update the Club’s EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

The Strategy

Each Club has the responsibility of integrating the Electronic News Media into their events. This requires pre-planning to accommodate the needs of the working Media with as little disruption to the paying guests as possible. VVC’s on-site Producer works with the Clubs and the facilities to achieve as smooth a production as possible. This includes performing site visits to determine room layouts, accommodating any special a/v requirements the Speaker has for their speech (ex. playing a video etc.) and finishing the room set up in plenty of time before the first guests arrive on event day.

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With all of the changes and improvements to technology over the past forty plus years, VVC has always strived to improve the quality and experience for speaker audience’s. The most recent addition is having live webcasting be a standard feature for this type of event.

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